Our story began in 2010 with Gonzalo & Sandra Assiego from Spain and France, they fell in love with Bali and decided to fulfill their dream of bringing some of their heritage to the land they love.

From our beginnings as with our single business Beach Bar in Seminyak La Plancha, in every place that we’ve tried to make it a little better than we found it.

Out commitment is to do this business responsibly, partaking in helping the environment and engaging with our customers & our community with the best product, what we do every day is in the service of that purpose.

From the iconic splashes of colors at La Plancha, the underground nostalgia of La Favela, the enchanting La Laguna, to the ecofriendly La Brisa, LYD Global aims shape a sustainable future and bring a superior lifestyle on Bali.



La Latina Bali History

La Latina is our new restaurant project coming soon in Echo Beach, Canggu. Latin food in one of the most trendy spot in the island.



LYD Organic Story

LYD Organic began with a commitment to add specific value-added products to our daily supply across all brands. As our company has moved more into sustainability, it has centralised its sources for ingredients,




Was born in Bali a new cocktail bar concept called Attika. The name speaks for itself, it is kind of hidden away on the top of La Favela, it is intended not only to a proper cocktail bar.


La Brisa Bali

One of the most well-known beaches in Bali, La Brisa is home to an absolutely breathtaking décor, sustainable food and the genuine Balinese hospitality.



La Laguna Bali Story

2014 saw the opening of the La Laguna from the moment you enter bohochic, gypsy inspired beach club (located on the sands that border Berawa and Batu Belig)



La Favela Bali

You need to see it yourself, La Favela is a different place, it’s somewhere welcoming. Thus La Favela born, nestled in th middle of Oberoi Street in Seminyak, building the place took 2 years.



La Planca Bali Story

Started from the dream of bringing colours to Seminyak shoreline, the result was La Plancha. In the middle of Mesari Beach, at the southern end of Seminyak, lies one of the largest collections of colourful beanbags and parasols in Bali.


LYD Global is bringing the spirit and visuals of different heritages, a different era at a different pointof time from all over the world and still keep Bali as the steady beating heart & the soul. Using recycled & repurposed materials to ensure we extend a form of contribution in keeping an eco-friendly approach.


Our mission is to inspire and motivate people working towards a better and more creative shared world. That’s why we work to create and develop. New places that highlight the soul of the island alive. Provide education and training for local families to empower them professionally in the field of hospitality and create career opportunities.


Create a culture of family-based approach where everyone is welcome as a part of our family. Acting with awareness and responsibility and finding new ways to grow our company and help each other grow within our company. Be part of the change, connecting with others with ethic, transparency,dignity, and respect. Delivering our best effort in everything we do with honesty and social responsibility. Establish education and development to our employees.


Established in 2000, LYD Bali Group dedicated to bringing you a superb lifestyle experience on the stunning Indonesian island of Bali. Launched in 2010 and the brainchild of the enormously creative husband and wife (Gonzalo and Sandra), the LYD Bali Group is a privately owned family operated business.